COMFOCUS project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme aims to progress the EU food consumer science community by integrating key European research infrastructures in the inherently multidisciplinary field of food consumer science, in order to promote their optimal use and joint development.

The COMFOCUS Open Call 1 invites proposals for studies in the field of consumer science with a connection to healthy eating. Applicants will have virtual access (VA) to the Easy Questionnnaire Tool (EQT), a key online tool that offers users the opportunity to develop (pan-European) questionnaires on self-reported measures in a harmonized, FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and RRI (Responsible Research & Innovation) proof way.

The next information session about the Open Call is going to be on the 26th of October.
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We are preparing an upcoming generation of researchers for a new Europe-wide perspective of consumer science in which consumer data is shared, linked, and re-used through supervised research experiences within the Virtual and Transnational Access Open Call research programme

Each user will have access to the COMFOCUS library that contains harmonized measures related to:
- psycho-social consumer characteristics
- product/food experiences and expectations
- consumer behaviour as an outcome
- consumers as agents in the food system
- socio-demographics

All these measures are selected and agreed on by a scientific community that consists of experts in the food consumer science domain. As a user, you will register and create your own survey based on an original and innovative research proposal related to exploring the motivational factors in healthy eating, including interest in food products and services that aim to support healthy eating.

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• Users will have free access to the Easy Questionnaire Tool (quick and easy tool for researchers to make questionnaires with harmonized measures);

• Free training webinar in which information on consumer research in the future is provided. How do we envision to ‘FAIRify’ the field? In this webinar we will talk about harmonised measures, FAIR way of working, ontologies, etc. As part of the training the MSc or PhD students can conduct their data collections that are relevant to their own research.

• Access to COMFOCUS Knowledge Platform: discussion forum, library (with harmonised measures and protocols), COMFOCUS tools and access to expertise within the consortium as well as mentoring;

• Create larger datasets using the connecting variables;

• Connecting to other researchers with the possibility to collaborate/share/link data and publish together;

• Become part of a community of “COMFOCUS fellows” - the possibility to shape the community in the future.

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Open Call 1 launch | May 11, 2022

COMFOCUS first open call was launched live at "International Scientific Days 2022" in Slovakia during the plenary session with the topic "Future-proofing consumer food science: The Comfocus Starting Community", presented by dr. Ellen van Kleef and dr. Elena Horska. This conference provides a venue for policy makers, top managers, academicians and researchers all over the world who deal with global challenges affecting the agri-food system.

Workshop “Measuring tools for Food Consumer Science” | May 19, 2022
An online workshop was organized within the Measuring Behavior Conference – the stage for the latest inventions, prototypes, and techniques in behavioral research – where COMFOCUS project was presented and insights for technology developers about instruments that FCS needs were provided.

METROFOOD final conference | May 19, 2022
The COMFOCUS project was presented during a roundtable discussion to the audience of the final event of METROFOOD-PP project by Dr. Machiel Reinders. The Conference gathered together representatives of the scientific community and the relevant stakeholders of the agrifood system to discuss the main related challenges (with reference, e.g. to food quality & safety, traceability & transparency, digitalization, circular bioeconomy, sustainability and resilience). The conference presented an occasion to discuss the relevance of boosting research, cooperation, innovation, and stakeholder engagement in support to the agri & food sector.

IV National Congress of the Spanish Association of Sensory Analysis Professionals | June 6, 2022

During this congress hosted in Spain, COMFOCUS organized a dedicated session, where the first open call was communicated. In this edition, the latest advances, challenges and the future of research in the field of sensory and consumer sciences were addressed.

COMFOCUS Face-to-face Meeting
| June 13-14, 2022

This first real-life, face-to-face meeting took place in The Hague, Netherlands, and brought together the COMFOCUS community to met each other in person and to strengthen the collaboration and interlinkages between work packages; to monitor applicants and further actions of Open Call 1 and to get clarity on Open Call 2. During the meeting the consortium could also count on the valuable presence of members of the International Advisory Board (IAB).

Stakeholders Forum | June 13, 2022

During the face-to-face meeting, a Stakeholder Forum was installed. This was a great opportunity to connect with other players in the field (Corporate Sector, Governmental Organisations, Non-governmental organisations and Academic/Professional Bodies) where fruitful discussions arose. This interactive meeting was the starting point to create a lasting network of external stakeholders that will create a strong multi-sectoral forum for food consumer science.

Summer School: “Farm to Fork: sustainable production & consumption in public canteens" EIT food | September 12, 2022

The school, promoted within the RIS Inspire programme of EIT Food, was organized by Prof. Matteo Vittuari and Prof. Giovanni Dinelli of the University of Bologna in partnership with the University of Turin and Aarhus University. The school's programme included a total of 60 hours of study (online, offline and teamwork). The programme was focused on Southern and Eastern European countries to address sustainable production and consumption and major nutritional challenges within the framework of the European Farm-to-Fork strategy. This programme was tailored for bachelor's, master's and PhD students, researchers, and young professionals with an interest in innovation in the food system and sustainable food service.

“I would like to say that the workshop was very informative and useful, as young researchers do not always have the opportunity to easily master key topics related to data collection at an early stage. Furthermore, I find the tool that was developed very innovative and extremely helpful, which will certainly ensure more straightforward and accurate work.” Camilla Sgroi (Researcher at the University of Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum).

Eurosense 2022 “A sense of earth”| September 16, 2022

Eurosense is a successful event, gathering sensory and consumer researchers, both academics and from industry, worldwide. The meeting was a unique opportunity for discovering the latest innovations in the field and for networking, as well as meeting up with colleagues and friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sharing best practices among Consumer Science experts
Six roundtables in two rounds will take place in 3 countries: Denmark, Spain and Slovakia. The first roundtable in each country is mainly focused on identifying the necessary steps; while the second roundtable will be used to define, distribute and publish the agreed protocols and standards.

            - Second Roundtable: Denmark |February, 2023
            - First Roundtable: Slovakia | February, 2023


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